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Flashwave® for body
Biocellular Transductive Wave Therapy
A revolutionary new treatment, Flashwave® is a new, non-invasive regenerative therapy which uses sound waves to stimulate communication between different types of cells and activate endogenous stem cells.

Effective for skin rejuvenation, treatment of stretch marks and scars, connective tissue tightening, anti-cellulite treatment and skin elasticity improvement.
$600 tummy / bra back / muffin top
$350 upper arms / front and back bra bulge area
$800 legs / front and back of thighs / buttocks
$350 calves
$350 bra area and above
$250 each physio treatment with Flashwave

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Results vary depending on number of treatments and area treated.
These are before and after photos of a client who received 6 lipolaser treatments.
Lipolaser spot fat reduction
A safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring. Clients have found that trouble spots such as love handles, tummy bulge and saddlebags are significantly reduced with just a few treatments. Laser paddles target fat tissue externally through the skin. Results are seen in both circumference measurement and degree of body contour.
$129 per session (up to 30 minutes)

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Acoustic Wave Treatment (AWT) Cellulite Treatment
Using acoustic sound waves to stimulate circulation in all layers of the skin, including blood vessels, connective tissue and muscles, AWT works together with your body’s own ability to repair tissue. AWT tightens and forms new connective tissue, reducing cellulite and improving skin appearance.
The results are:
• skin smoothing and regeneration
• breakdown of fat deposits
• connective tissue tightening
• reduced circumference of treated areas
$14 per 1000 shocks
approx. # of shocks needed per area/per treatment, depending on size of area to be treated
Arms 8000 (both arms) Front thigh 10,000 Back thigh 10,000 Buttocks 5000 Abdomen 5000
Also sold in packages. Best results require an average of 6–12 treatments per area.

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Eurowave for Inch Loss and Muscle Toning
An electric current “works out” your muscles, giving the effect of isometric exercise. Tighten and tone target areas. Add to your regular workout to strengthen your core in a fraction of the time. An 18-minute stomach treatment is equivalent to 200 perfect crunches!
Diminishes symptoms of stress incontinence.
$10 trial • $50 single treatment $425 for 10 treatments • $525 for 15 treatments

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Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening
Exclusive to the Island, this patented TriPollar RF technology delivers, long-lasting and immediate visible results for skin tightening on face and body. Treats both superficial and deeper fat layers, shrinks the fat cells, contracts collagen fibres and augments collagen regeneration. Benefits are both immediate and long-lasting for skin tightening and circumference reduction.
$195 per treatment $1899 package of 12 treatments
Custom package of more treatments are available.
Ask about pricing, which depends on size of body area treated.

Vibration Therapy
With our state-of the-art Sonix 3 vibration exercise unit you can tone, strengthen and build muscle in just 10 minutes a day, three times a week. Increase bone density, enhance explosive strength, and accelerate weight loss in this low-impact alternative to strength training.
$10 for 10 minutes
12 sessions for $100