Fantastic little jewel of a place with a very knowledgeable owner. I have been working out faithfully each week but could not budge the pudge in my middle. After a series of six laser-lipo treatments, I lost 2 1/2 inches above my navel, 1 1/2 over my navel and 1 inch below. We may need a few more treatments on that part as it's stubborn. Thrilled with Alana and thrilled with less bulk in my middle.
–C. Smith

Every time I've gone to Esteem Treatments, I have felt better, and I think it shows. Last time I went, Alana gave me an exfoliating facial and then a cooling skin mask while I was getting another treatment. They feel wonderful, and the products she uses all smell great. Also, Eurowave has eliminated the exercise incontinence that happens when I play tennis. What a benefit! The treatments here really do help you feel better as well as look better.
–Helena L.

I've been coming to Esteem Treatments for five years now. The the one-on-one service and new treatments keep me coming back. I first came in to try Eurowave and then tried Shockwave, dermarolling and RF treatments too. Alana always makes me feel welcome – she loves what she does and people pick up on that. It feels like going to a spa. Once you come in, you'll like it, and you will keep coming back.
–Karen R.
After years of working to stay fit despite the pain of plantar fasciitis, I came to Esteem for Shockwave therapy. I could hardly believe that after 3 sessions, my foot felt back to normal, with a noticeable improvement even after just the first session. After the results I got, I would definitely recommend Shockwave. Ten years ago, I had acute appendicitis, with complications, that resulted in damage to core muscles on my right side. I continued with sports despite the imbalance in my core, which led to right hip and calf injuries. Physiotherapy was helpful, but when I added Eurowave treatments specifically to my right side, I finally got the strength and balance I'd been trying to regain. My abdomen even looks more even on both sides now. Eurowave is not just for looking better, and not just for women – it can help with physical issues too, and makes a great complement to traditional physiotherapy.
–Sebastian B.

I'm in my 70s and Esteem Treatments helps me look after my body and skin as well as I can. I have seen benefits in my skin tone and muscle tone ever since I found Esteem five years ago. The prices are fantastic, parking is easy and it's always a clean, calming and beautiful place to come to. I go twice a week and use Eurowave for muscle toning, RF and Shockwave for skin, and the vibration machine for my lymphatic system. It's not a beauty parlour – if you commit to a series of treatments and stick with it, you will see an improvement in your well being.
–Evelyn T.
Yesterday on the drive home, I flipped down the mirror (at a red light!) while the sun was shining directly on my face; that’s when I really saw the difference in the skin health. It‘s truly marvellous what you’re manifesting in your workplace, Alana. I wonder if you fully understand what you‘re really giving the clients you work on; it‘s so much more than the topical. It‘s how they feel about themselves, it‘s their confidence, in many respects, and one does not realize this until it‘s been lost. It‘s their self-image, which is fundamental and powerful to everything else that’s happening in their lives.

Thank you for this latest protocol. My skin looks younger. And the ENORMOUS event you manifested is that you have diminished the ‘pouch’ under my left eye. You have pretty well diminished it with the shock-wave. That sounds so small when I say/type it, but it so HUGE to me when I see it in the mirror, and know that other people are seeing every time they look at me.

It’s not that I want to look younger, necessarily, it’s that I want to look healthy, and fit, and engaged in life. When one sees sag and bulge and crepey skin, one can quickly feel like Methuselah. You’ve helped me to feel more accepting an so much happier about my appearance. Thank you from the heart.